In my experience it has a very aunty-Facebooky vibe to it. And one of the better things about twitter is that you didn't have all of your Instagram people on it, sharing your Twitter with someone was more of an act of trust and intimacy than sharing your IG.

I actually deleted some 'threads' after I remember whom I had in my contacts. Then uninstalled and never looked back.

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Happy Monday.

I agree with basically everything here, and while I agree that part of what makes Twitter fun is the Wild West element of it, I wonder if Threads won't eventually have it's own kind of funny person. I don't mean funny in the way that, like, a Christian stand-up comedian is, where it's like a boring facsimile of the real thing, I mean actually clever and witty people figuring out how to be dark and funny while skating within the TOS. Necessity is the mother of invention and all that. While I think "the fracturing" is still the most likely scenario, if Threads can hang around long enough that the cool kids get over their cringe in search of the widest possible audience, it might have a chance to succeed.

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