I saw that deranged Tweet as well (maybe from you? I don't recall.) and I am halfway wondering if that isn't some sort of parody. I didn't click on the person's profile, so maybe that tweet falls in line with other nonsense they've put out there, but it also struck me that it could be mocking a certain kind of entirely-too-online activist person that you see sometimes.

On a related note, my sister is the furthest thing from the target audience for most of the stuff that is in the neoliberal/new liberal orbit, as she is essentially a socialist doomer (by her own admittance), but I shared the bracket of wild twitter takes you had going a few months back with her, and she was *heavily* invested. I believe her exact words were "I love that he's basically just asking the question 'why would you say this out loud?' over and over again."

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I tried pretty hard with the Worst Tweets Bracket to not fill it with political stuff. There's plenty of terrible political takes, but for the most part they're predictable and boring. Extensions of the same fight over and over, and even the unhinged political posts are all stuff we've seen before and that doesn't really shock us.

Instead, putting in the truly random stuff like Shovel Wife or Incest Ableism... that's where the juice is. That's the insanity that can unite us all.

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